B & W Challenge – Patterns in Nature

Love is a canvas embroidered by Mother Nature©anonymous
Joy is looking and comprehending nature’s most precious gifts©AlbertEinstein

The true meaning of life is to plant trees,

under whose shade we can sit©anonymous 

It doesn’t cost much to be happy if the currency of the heart is the blowing of the breeze and the swaying of the trees©anonymous 

2020 Photography©Isadora DeLaVega


Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge – Patterns in Nature

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Wordless Wednesday – Fall

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
as I have seen in one autumnal face.©john donne

2020©Isadora De La Vega

Lens Artists Challenge – Symmetry

Everything we do becomes LOVE 


The photo challenge this week is ‘Symmetry’.

What is symmetry?

It’s the quality of being made up of exactly similar

parts facing each other or around an axis;

similarity or exact correspondence between different things.

               Loyal Partners … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


If you’ve been a follower of my writing and photography blogs

or a friend or family a member, you’re aware of my orchid hobby.

         Faithful Friends … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


My passion for photography was spurred by the desire

to hang-on to the beauty of the blooming flowers.


Hope & Compassion … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


One day, a friend came over for a visit with an orchid plant for me.

I’d grown roses when I lived in New York. I didn’t have much luck with them in Florida.

But, she assured me I could grow it plus I’d become a loyal orchid grower.


 Nurturing Sisters … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


She was so right. I had 50 orchid plants at one time, today, I have 28 plants.

Due to Hurricane Irma a few years ago, many died from the overabundance of water.

 The orchids in these photos were captured at a local orchid show in my town.

 Purple Passion … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


 Warm Passion … 2020©Isadora De La Vega


I hope to continue to photograph these glorious orchid flowers.

I, still, enjoy the nurturing process that creates beautiful breathtaking flowers when in bloom.

Enjoy, Isadora 


Lens-Artists Challenge – Symmetry

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Week 3 – Amy 

Week 4 – Tina 

B & W Fountains & Sprinklers

John & Mabel Ringling Estate

A stroll through the gardens


Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge – Fountains & Sprinklers

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Wordless Wednesday – Fall

Lens Artists Challenge – Inspiration

The photo challenge this week is ‘Inspiration’.

What is inspiration?

It’s the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something;

 to do something creative; the quality of something being inspiring.

   Church Spire – Aruba          2020©Isadora De La Vega


Our tour bus took us to various places on the island of Aruba.

A charming tiny church was one of the stops. 

I always like to go to local churches on vacation and photograph them.

There are tremendous differences in sizes

and architectural designs from one church to another.

                          Church – Aruba                 2020©Isadora De La Vega


Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of the church. It seats 15 people inside.

The rest of the congregation sits outside on concrete benches.

The community gathered together to raise funds to build it.

Labor was from the locals who reside nearby.

                                       Church Altar – Aruba         2020©Isadora De La Vega


A modest altar inside the church. The pews were wood with a high back and kneeler.

There was a humbling spirit energy in every inch of the interior.

One could not help but walk away feeling inspired by its simplicity.

Silver & wood Cross – Aruba

Memories will last a lifetime, things only a short period of timeAlyceEdrich


Lens-Artists Challenge – Inspiration

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For future challenges follow one of these four moderators:

Week 1 – Patti 

                   Week 2 – Ann-Christine 

Week 3 – Amy 

Week 4 – Tina 

Baked Cheese Cake

Homemade Cheesecake with Strawberries and syrup.

Homemade Gluten-Free Cheesecake


This is a family cheesecake recipe.

I usually make for a large group of people or a family gathering since it cuts into about 15 slices.

 The graham cracker crumbs can be eliminated in order to make it totally gluten-free.

It’s quick, simple, and requires very few ingredients. It’s a very thick cheesecake.

It can be garnished with fresh strawberries and other fresh fruit or, fruit compote.

2020©Isadora De La Vega



A Photo Challenge a Week Challenge – Something Baked

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Lens Artists Challenge – Negative Space

The photo challenge this week is ‘Negative Space’.

Negative space is the area around the main subject of your photograph.

This space is empty or unoccupied.

 The use of negative space is a key element of artistic composition.

‘A Beach Day’      2020©Isadora De La Vega

            ‘Isolation’    2020©Isadora De La Vega

                      ‘A View from My Window’    2020©Isadora De La Vega

                            ‘Alone & Forgotten’    2020©Isadora De La Vega


Lens-Artists Challenge – Negative Space

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For future challenges follow one of the four moderators:

Week 1 – Patti 

                   Week 2 – Ann-Christine 

Week 3 – Amy 

Week 4 – Tina 

Lens Artists Challenge – A Labor of Love

The photo challenge this week is ‘A Labor of Love’: a task done for pleasure not reward.

Generally, our eyes devour images of food far quicker than our palates taste them.

Food preparation onboard cruise ships are meant to capture our desires for delectable scrumptious foods.

The chefs are creating ‘A Labor of Love’ with food for you.

We were fortunate to be able to take a tour of the ship’s kitchen.

There are specific chefs for carving fruits and vegetables to delight your eyes.

It’s quite a skill. I’ve added a video below showing the technique.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2020©Isadora De La Vega


Lens-Artists Challenge – A Labor of Love

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Week 1 – Patti 

                   Week 2 – Ann-Christine 

Week 3 – Amy 

Week 4 – Tina 

Lens Artists Challenge – Pick a Word

Comfortable: providing physical ease and relaxation.

Growing: the process of developing.

Tangled: metal twisted together into a confused mass.

Crowded: a space full of people, leaving little or no room for movement.

     Exuberant: filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement.



Lens-Artists ChallengePick a Word

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