Fun with Two Scared Kitties

I'm Not Sleeping.webFun with Two Scared Kitties

Is he asleep?

I’m scared. How about you?

Yes, I’m scared.

He said he wasn’t sleeping a few minutes ago but his eyes look closed.

Was that you trying to scare me by saying – Booooo?

Yes, it was me.

I hope he’s just resting his eyes. We might need help.

This is a heartwarming video. It’s about a dog with an illness called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. The video shows how a little love can go a long way. Enjoy ……


Michelle’s has challenged us to post a photo, story or video of Pets. To join in –

8 thoughts on “Fun with Two Scared Kitties

    • These kitties will be very happy when they inherit my estate. They will be set for life. I wish
      I could do more for all the sad cases in rescue shelters. We have been taking dry food for the other animals left behind that we didn’t adopt. It’s a small gesture to help them survive.
      Namaste …. xoxo


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