Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand Yacht


This magnificent yacht was docked at a port in St. Thomas.
Yes, it had a helicopter in the rear ready for takeoff.
It was GRAND !!!!

Yaght II.web

Yaght IV.web

Yaght III.web

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This week the photo challenge is ‘Grand’ – to join in –

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand Yacht

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  3. Yes, I used to have a yacht just like this. Had to give it up, though, once I started taking showers instead of baths. I like the progression from full color to black and white.


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    • St. Thomas is a beautiful island. I enjoyed our visit there very much. In fact, they have good prices on camera equipment. I was able to get my macro lens there.
      I wish I was traveling on this GRAND Yacht but, sadly, it was just a vista before me as the cruise ship I was on was docking. There was a temptation to go over and knock with a few packets of sugar in hand. ~~~~~ : – )


    • I’ve taken quite a few cruises but this yacht was privately owned. It was grand to look at and quite the head turner.
      Did you notice the helicopter in the rear of the yacht?? Incredible and GRAND !!!!!
      Thanks Rommel for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Happy Weekend … hope it’s GRAND !!!!


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