Time Marches On

Abandoned Texaco sign.web

Everything has a story. Driving past this cabin I saw this large Texaco sign. As a child, I remember my Dad getting gas at a station with this sign. The cabin looked like it might have been a place where fisherman either stayed for the night or cleaned their catch of the day. It was on the river’s edge of the Myakka River.

Want to See More???

Cheri Lucas Rowlands has challenged us this week with – Abandoned – to join in http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/photo-challenge-abandoned/

28 thoughts on “Time Marches On

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    • The sign was rusted on the back but could have been from the steel it was made from.
      I don’t have many photo of old or abandoned things. This was one that came close.
      I’ll have to think more about that when I take future photos.
      Glad you like it. This little cabin is about 1/2 hours from where I live on a river back.
      Toodles …
      Izzy xoxo


    • You could be right about that Tina. There wasn’t anyone around to ask about it. I just assumed it was old
      as the company no longer exists. It was bought out by another petroleum cooperation.
      I assumed the cabin was a place for fisherman because it was close to the rivers edge.
      Glad you enjoyed viewing and left a comment. ~~~ : – )


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    • Thanks for the url. I enjoyed browsing through your blog. Great posts, Chris ….!!!
      I enjoy taking photos of signs but they don’t necessarily have to be old.
      The challenges open up new ways to look through the lens. I appreciate your
      visit and comment. Thanks …


      • Thanks for your comments and dropping by yourself. I love these challenges for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Plus, it’s about the only time I have to go out and check out others’ photography blogs. 🙂


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    • The sign was rusted on the back so I think it was steel. Perhaps, from the metal.
      The front does look like its’ in good condition. I think old signs are interesting.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated ….


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    • hahaha …. I was playing with color. I love color so I felt this blog was too a little
      bland. BUT … photos seem to look best with less color around them. Thanks for
      noticing so quickly. I’ve since changed it back but altered the font background color
      which helps the comments to be seen. hahaha Now, I may change the banner. lol


  11. Thank you for linking to my post. i love this sign. I have an aged version of this sign that I’ve never posted. You’ve given me inspiration.


    • I’d love to see it. I’m not sure if this is an old sign. The back was rusted.
      The cabin was in worst shape on the side. I photographed the better side.
      Now, I’ll know to photograph all sides in the event that pretty isn’t always wanted. ~~~ : – )
      Your welcome on the pingback. I love that photo. Thanks for letting me know it
      was okay to do. Thanks ..


      • The sign I have is underexposed a bit and I haven’t processed it so I’m not using it yet. I could email it to you if you like. Or w e can just wait until I do something with it and post it. Thanks for your interest.


        • I have lots of those photographs – underexposed or over exposed.
          I’ve heard it said that if you get 10 photos out of all the ones you
          photograph in a day – it’s a good day. ~~~~ : – )
          Hope to see it posted one day. Thanks for the dialog.


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