Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Serenity

‘Simple Things’ are also the most extraordinary things and only a wise man can see them … ©PabloCoelho

Silently listening to nature’s serenity at play … ©IsadoraDeLaVega

Serenity is finding peace and freedom while traveling life’s storms,

and realizing it is not always about surviving Life’s storms

but learning how to dance between the rain … ©IsadoraDeLaVega


Tina @ Travel and Trifles this week challenges us to post photographs of ‘Serenity’.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Serenity

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Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Unique Tree of Life

I am unique

I can’t make people value me.

All I can do is show them who I am.

What I feel,

and what I believe in.

It’s  up to them

to realize my worth.

I am unique.

©Isadora DeLaVega

Bill Herb is a raku artist who creates magnificently unique pieces of artwork out of clay.

Raku is a technique that has its origins in Japan.

Bill Herb has won the highest awards for his designs and craftsmanship in raku.

I was fortunate to be able to purchase this unique piece at an art show we both participated in.

His website showcases his one-of-a-kind phenomenally unique artwork.

He is currently exhibiting in fine art galleries and is in many cooperate and private art collections.

Dimensional Designs pottery by Bill Herb




Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Unique

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Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Trees

A peacefully tranquil view from my lanai at Casa de Paz

A mangrove tree: a mangrove is a shrub or small tree

that grows in coastal saline or brackish waterwikipedia

A stately palm rises above the estuary.

An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea. ©wikipedia


Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Trees

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Lens Artist Photo challenge #49- Favorite Things

Good Friends help you to find important things when you have lost them …

Your Smile … Your Hope … AND … Your Courage. ©doeZamtamata

I’d have to say that my dearest friend and support is my husband, Al.

His sense of humor has brought laughter, good times and love for many, many years. 

He’s #1 on my favorite lists of things.


Flowers whisper what words cannot say ….©IsadoraDeLaVega

I’ve had a passion for growing orchids since 2008. I enjoy the mystery of the flowers.

I’ve purchased some stems at orchid sales without knowing what the flower color or shape will be.

The excitement is when a bud finally appears and the orchid is a bright color.

Witness the beauty in all you see …©IsadoraDeLaVega

A hot sunny afternoon requires wading in the cool ocean at the beach.

Walking along the shore to collect shell treasures is meditative.

It’s truly a favorite with benefits.

A kitten is the delight of a household.

All day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor. ©champfleury

Joyful pleasures abound when new kittens create hours of amusement.

Our new favorite rescue kittens from our local shelter: Cappuccino & Espresso.



Lens Artist Photo Challenge #49 – Favorite Things 

Our host for this weeks Patti.

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B & W Flowers



Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge – Flower of ANy Kind

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Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Wild

Iguanas Have a Third Eye: on the top of their heads; these lizards have a third eye, which is a retina-like structure that connects to the pineal gland in the brain. Even though it does not produce images, it’s an important element to them.

It’s all in the Tail: Iguanas during the times of attack; use their tails to punch the enemy. Also, they can detach a part of their tail in danger and ensure a fast escape.

Capuchin monkeys are about 12 to 22 inches (30 to 56 centimeters) long, with prehensile tails that are as long as their bodies. These arboreal monkeys spend most of their time up in trees where they are safe from predators. They are active during the day and spend most of it foraging.

They feed on insects, birds’ eggs, fruit, nuts and leaves. Capuchins living near water will also eat crabs and shellfish. They use tools, like stones or sticks, to open hard nuts and shells, and are considered the most intelligent monkeys of the New World.

Capuchins are found in Central and South America, and are territorial creatures. They soak their hands and feet in urine and leave this scent around to mark their area. Males also cover their bodies with urine to attract females. info©ipfacztly.com/


Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Wild

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The Lords House

I took this photograph while on a tour of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

 Deep in the jungle, we came upon a little chapel called the Lords House.

It was quite a treasure among the thick forest surrounding it. 


Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge – Any Kind of House

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Wordless Wednesday – Towel Elephant

Lens Artist Photo Challenge – The 5 Elements

The Chinese 5 Elements:  wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Wood 木

Wood: it is yang/masculine in character. The predominant attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility. In Chinese thought it is associated with qualities of leadership, creativity, decision-making, generosity, idealism, competitive and assertiveness.

Fire 火

Fire is yang/masculine in character. Its direction is upward and its energy is expansive. In Chinese thought fire is associated with the qualities of dynamism, strength, persistence, empathy, self-expression, emotional extremes, sociable, extrovert; however, it is also connected to restlessness.

Earth 土

Earth: is both yin and yang/feminine and masculine in character. Its motion is inward and centering, and its energy is stabilizing and conserving. In Chinese thought earth is associated with he qualities of patience, caring, nurturing, supportive, thoughtfulness, grounding, practicality, hard work and stability. 

Metal 金

Metal:  is yin/feminine in character, its motion is inward and its energy is contracting. In Chinese thought metal is associated precision, logic, self-control, analytical, rigidity, unyieldingness, strength, ambitious, forceful and determined.

Water 水

Water: is yin/feminine in character, its energy is downward and its motion is stillness and conserving. In Chinese thought water is associated with solitude, privacy, introspection, philosophy, mystery, truth, honesty, anxiety, nervousness, insecurity. 



Lens Artist Photo Challenge – The 5 Elements

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B & W Challenge – Thirsty Ant

Small Thirsty Ant     2019©Isadora DeLaVega

A thirsty ant has perched itself on the dropplet of water in an orchid bud.

Original Color Photograph 

Cee’s B & W Challenge – Small Subject

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